Ace Records Ltd

Ace Records is a well-respected independent record label based in the UK, specializing in reissuing and releasing compilations of vintage and rare music across various genres, particularly focusing on soul, R&B, rock 'n' roll, blues, jazz, and rockabilly.

Founded in 1978 by Ted Carroll and Roger Armstrong, Ace Records has earned a reputation for its meticulous curation and dedication to preserving and showcasing often overlooked or forgotten music. The label is renowned for its comprehensive compilations, often featuring deep cuts, rare singles, and unreleased tracks from both well-known and obscure artists.

Ace Records has an extensive catalog of releases, ranging from artist-specific collections to thematic compilations that explore specific eras, regions, or styles of music. The label's commitment to quality mastering, detailed liner notes, and comprehensive archival research has made its releases highly sought after by music enthusiasts, collectors, and historians.

Over the years, Ace Records has contributed significantly to the preservation and celebration of diverse musical legacies, unearthing hidden treasures and shining a spotlight on influential but underappreciated artists and recordings from the past. Their dedication to authenticity and their passion for music history have solidified their position as a leading label in the reissue market.