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4/3 de trio: same (french artists)

This band from Grenoble (France) is composed of a majority of multi-instrumentalists. 4/3 DE TRIO's first album is in the same vein as KING CRIMSON "Red" or ANGLAGARD's masterpieces. The guitar works also have a Joe SATRIANI or Steve VAI touch. Each track has English or French lyrics, built on the traditional pattern stanza followed by a chorus. However, they still remain quite unusual and quite ethereal on the global length of "F4i3lesse" (That can be translated as "Weakness"). Moreover, they don't alter the Progressive rock and in majority instrumental side of this work, impressive of maturity. A trully rock sound and a very intense music. Quite recommended ! The second album "Ersatz" had been partly recorded in the year 2000, soon before the sad separation of the group. In the same year, drummer Didier PEGERON died after a car accident. Deeply shocked, the other musicians finally decided to record the album, in the loving memory of their friend and colleague. Today, four years later, it is eventually available. And the least we can say is that it is a real piece of work ! If one argued it has to be the new Scandinavian School sensation, nobody would be surprised: ANGLAGARD and his melancolic Mellotron seem to be particularly reguarded. Six instrumental tracks confirm the innovating and impressive talent of 4/3 DE TRIO. Yet, these seven titles, very different from one another have a common spirit, often very close to that of groups such as TAAL: an experimental aim made clearly obvious, discorded and frenetic guitars, vintage keyboards sounds but with no passeism at all, subtle rhythms, discords and syncopations only KING CRIMSON at his best play. Really impressive ! Such a bad story for such a beautiful music TRACK LISTING: 1 - F4i3lesse (6'33)2 - Os (4'46)3 - Queen Wilson (5'06)4 - Marie J. (5'05)5 - Vicious Heart (6'26)6 - En D├ępit (5'52)7 - Spare Yourself The Pain (2'00)8 - The Taste Of You (7'54)9 - Ma Devise (3'06)10 - Loe (9'26)11 - Acore (2'44)12 - Ile (1'30)13 - Dying For Religion (7'39) Format CD
Genre Progressive
Status Backorder
Label Musea

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