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23rd turn off: the dreams of michaelangelo

Cos My Babys Gone Don't You Want Me (Demo Version) Don't You Want Me No More She'll Get No Lovin' That Way (Demo Version) Bless You (Demo Version) Bless You It's A Crime I've Never Been So Much In Love Dreaming Flowers Are Flowering Penny In My Pocket I'll Be Round Michaelangelo (Demo Version) Another Van Gough Mothers Boy I'll Be With You You Sing Your Own Song Michaelangelo (with strings demo version) Penny In My Pocket (with Orchestra Version) Michaelangelo Leave Me Here With beginnings going back to the 1950’s, this Liverpool group evolved through the Merseybeat era into being known as The Kirkbys. Mainstay was vocalist/guitarist Jimmy Campbell who also wrote most of the material. One song “She’ll Get No Lovin’ That Way” was covered by notable scenesters at the time, ‘The Escorts’, on their fourth single, whilst The Kirkbys only had one single released “It’s a Crime”, included here. Following a spell backing the Merseys, Jimmy Campbell and group moved into the psych 60’s period with a name change to the 23rd Turn Off (Liverpool being the 23rd turn off from the M6). In turn, one release resulted, the astounding “Michelangelo”, a beautifully crafted ballad, scored with some Penny Lane-esque trumpet and tinged with Campbell’s innate sense of melancholia. Following the 23rd Turn Off Campbell and Billy Kinsley went on to record the highly rated ‘Rockin Horse’ album, recently reissued by Rev-Ola. On this RPM collection you have the entire recordings of the Kirkbys and 23rd Turnoff, the released, the unreleased, the demos, in chronological order, packaged in rare and perfect period photos with notes from extensive interviews with group members. Format CD
Genre Psychedelic
Status Backorder
Label RPM

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