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agnes strange: strange flavour


Originally released in 1975 on the Birds Nest label, the sole album by boogie stompers AGNES STRANGE is an obscure hard rock gem that needed to be rediscovered. Formed in Southampton, UK in the mid 70’s by Alan Green (bass), Dave Rodwell (drums), and John Westwood (guitar, vocals)

AGNES STRANGE failed to reach any glory or fame, but their legacy made of heavy rock riffings, raw leads and tough attitude, with a spacey “Hawkwind-esque” touch here and there, helped them reach cult status amongst 70’s rock fanatics. -

Track Listing:

  • A1 Give Yourself A Chance 3:31
  • A2 Strange Flavour 3:59
  • A3 Alberta 5:48
  • A4 Loved One 6:06
  • A5 Failure 5:20
  • B1 Children Of The Absurd 7:52
  • B2 Odd Man Out 3:55
  • B3 Highway Blues 5:33
  • B4 Granny Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll 5:23
  • B5 Interference 1:34
  • B6 Clever Fool (B Side 1975)
Format LP
Genre Progressive
Status In stock
Label Ethelion

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