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amon duul: phallus dei


Exact reissue

The post-psychedelic German phenomenon known as Krautrock pretty much starts here. The 1969 release PHALLUS DEI was the first album by Amon Duul II, who had split off from the more shambling, hippie-type communal outfit Amon Duul. The former had a darker, edgier spirit, and a greater sense of direction. That's not to say everything on PHALLUS DEI is tied upin a neat little package; it's a raw, bursting-at-the-seamssonic attack fully capable of melting ears at a thousand paces. Like their Krautrock contemporaries, Amon Duul II were influenced by the psychedelic sounds of artists like Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane, but they transmuted that inspiration into something even more exploratory, open-ended, and primal. Bashing at guitars and drums like men possessed,they create a brain-frying firestorm of sound, cementing both their status as found fathers of Krautrock, and PHALLUS DEI's reputation as one of its definitive musical statements.

Track Listing

  • A1 Kanaan 3:56
  • A2 Dem Guten, Sch√∂nen, Wahren 6:00
  • A3 Luzifers Ghilom 8:02
  • A4 Henriette Kr√∂tenschwanz 1:59
  • B Phallus Dei 20:45
Format LP
Genre Psychedelic
Status Backorder
Label Other

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