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hexvessel: no holier temple (yellow)

  • 2nd pressing, 500 copies on black vinyl
The ultimate collector's edition including a full bonus LP filled with previously unheard, often radically different versions of the songs that became No Holier Temple. The box set houses No Holier Temple on double vinyl with a gatefold jacket plus the bonus LP in a separate sleeve. Limited to a one-time pressing of 300 copies only. Svart & Hexvessel exclusive. “If you can imagine a late 1960s folk-rock approach allied to a doomy atmosphere with added touches of lo-fi psychedelia, then you’re getting close to the timbre of Finland’s Hexvessel. There are clearly nods towards King Crimson, Black Sabbath, the Beatles, HP Lovecraft and The Doors, but what the band have managed to do is create something that belongs specifically to them.”.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Heaven and Earth Magic
  • A2 Woods To Conjure
  • A3 Wilderness Is!
  • A4 A Letter In Birch Bark
  • B1 Elegy To Goyahkla
  • B2 His Portal Tomb
  • B3 Are You Coniferous?
  • C1 Sacred Marriage
  • C2 Dues To The Dolmen
  • D1 Unseen Sun
  • D2 Your Head Is Reeling
  • E1 Heaven And Earth Magic (demo)
  • E2 A Letter In Birch Bark (demo)
  • E3 Dues To The Dolmen (demo)
  • E4 Are You Coniferous? (demo)
  • E5 His Portal Tomb (demo)
  • E6 Wilderness Is! (demo)
  • E7 Sacred Marriage (demo)
  • E8 Constant Conference (demo)
  • F1 Elegy To Goyahkla (demo)
  • F2 Unseen Sun (demo)
  • F3 Your Head Is Reeling (demo)
Format 2  LP
Genre Progressive
Status Preorder
Label Svart

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