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jupu group: umpeen kasvoitat polut


The story of Jupu Group began in the '70s, when the classically trained violinist-composer Juhani "Jupu" Poutanen founded the band at a time of progrock that "haunted" the world. The culmination of the short-lived line-up was experienced in 1975 when Jupu Group released their only remaining album, 'Ahmoo'. Now the band, still led by Poutanen, has risen from almost half a century of hibernation and now is a band of young musicians presenting this 2022 album, which will feature instrumental pieces as well as compositions by Helena Anhava, Helvi Juvonen, Otomo no Yakamoch and Meerika Ahlqvist

Track Listing

  • A1 Kapriisi 3:44
  • A2 Istut Yksin 5:17
  • A3 Umpeen Kasvoivat Polut 4:54
  • A4 Enkeli 3:44
  • B1 Giba 6:38
  • B2 Kääntäisikö Hän Selkänsä 3:17
  • B3 Pihapuu 4:35
  • B4 Täyttymys 4:53
Format LP
Genre Progressive
Status Preorder
Label Svart

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