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Asoka were formed from the band Taste of Blues. Two-fifths of that group reformed into a band called Take Off, and then later merged with The rhythm sectionof another Malmo outfit called (appropriately enough) Rhythm and Blues, Inc.The Asoka album opens in blistering fashion, with fuzz bass blasting in your face, while loud guitars pile 0n Top. 'Ataraxia' continues in similar form, with an excellent organ solo. From Here, it's A smorgasbord ofThe usual strong accentOn blues rock overridingA jazzy undercurrent. As is often The case, the tracks sung in Swedish flow more natural than those in English. Highlights, beyond the two opening tracks, include '1975',the violin driven 'if You feel' The very Swedish 'Tvivlaren', andThe Uriah Heep like 'I'm Trying (To Find A Way To Paradise)'. Overall, Asoka is more progressive than November or Midsommar, and the album prepared local listeners for the awesome HEAVY progressive rock outfit Trettioariga Kriget. After a few incarnations, Asoka evolved into The Lotus also much recommended.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Psykfoni För Ekogitarr Och Poporkester (Part 1)
  • A2 Ataraxia
  • A3 Leave Me
  • A4 Svensson Blues
  • A5 1975
  • B1 If You Feel
  • B2 Tvivlaren
  • B3 I'm Trying
  • B4 Psykfoni För Ekogitarr Och Poporkester (Part 2)
Format LP
Genre Progressive
Status Backorder
Label Ethelion

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