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ambrose slade: ballzy


West Midlands rockers Slade started out as The 'N Betweens, a band formed by members of The Vendors and The Mavericks; their earliest recordings were issued in France by Barclay. Signed to Fontana in 1969, they became Ambrose Slade, the name inspired by the shoes and handbag worn by a label secretary. The U.S. edition of their debut album, titled 'Ballzy', shows a range of styles and diverse cover tunes: renditions of the Beatles' track 'Martha My Dear' and Marvin Gaye's 'If This World Were Mine' are contrasted by the slinking, guitar-led instrumental, 'Genesis', and blues-rock creeper, 'Roach Daddy'. Soon after these recordings, they changed their direction and became the well-known glamrock band.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Genesis 3:23
  • A2 Everybody's Next One 2:44
  • A3 Knocking Nails Into My House 2:24
  • A4 Roach Daddy 3:01
  • A5 Ain't Got No Heart 2:36
  • A6 Pity The Mother 4:00
  • B1 Mad Dog Cole 2:41
  • B2 Fly Me High 2:55
  • B3 If This World Were Mine 3:18
  • B4 Martha My Dear 2:17
  • B5 Born To Be Wild 3:36
  • B6 Journey To The Centre Of Your Mind 2:45
Format LP
Genre Psychedelic
Status Preorder
Label Audio Clarity

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