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  • 500 pcs limited

Remastered reissue of this prog/fusion/jazz record, featuring members of Cos, Julverne, Pazop, Brainstorm and Speed Limit.

The musicianship is consistently outstanding throughout the album. A true obscure gem which reissue is more than welcome, when it comes to Canterbury/jazz-fusion flavoured mix of Focus, Camel and Cos with a pinch of Zeuhl sounds.

Track Listing:

  • A1 Clear Hours 2:33
  • A2 Valse De La Mort / A Boire / Et à / Manger 16:25
  • B1 Sweetank 4:30
  • B2 Billy The Keith 4:00
  • B3 Jeronimo 1:55
  • B4 Bolle Winkel 6:47
  • B5 Arhumba 1:45
Format LP
Genre Progressive
Status In stock
Label Replica

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