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agitation free: 2nd

  • digipack cd

A masterpiece! Adds bouzouki, mellotron, 12-string guitar to their classic twin guitar, heavy Krautrock sound. Recorded and released in 1973, few months after the first and incredible "Malesch", "2nd" is at the frontiers of experimental, progressive, jazz. If "Malesch" was experimental recording with a touch of progressive, "2nd" just appears as a progressive recording with experimental touch.

Track Listing

  • First Communication 8:18
  • Dialogue And Random 2:00
  • Laila, Part I 1:32
  • Laila, Part II 6:45
  • In The Silence Of The Morning Sunrise 6:29
  • A Quiet Walk (9:11)
    • Listening
    • Not Of The Same Kind
    • Haunted Island 7:10
Format CD
Genre Progressive
Status In stock
Label Made In Germany (MIG)

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