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Chile's primary underground psychedelic band. Their music is characterised by powerful female vocals and very heavy fuzz guitar work'

Aguaturbia (or murky waters) were Chiles premier underground rock band in the late 60s and early 70s, though their uncompromising attitude caused them to flee for the US in 1970, leaving behind two hyper-rare albums. This brilliant compilation gathers the best tracks from those LPs (original copies of which have changed hands for well into four figures). Taking in fuzz-drenched originals and covers of contemporary rock standards, their music combines the savage guitar work of Carlos Corales with the haunting vocals of his wife Denise to stunning effect, and is essential listening for all psych fans. Also included are historical sleevenotes.

Track listing:

  1. Somebody To Love 3:05
  2. Erotica 3:50
  3. Rollin' 'N' Tumblin' 3:06
  4. Ah Ah Ah Ay 2:49
  5. Crimson & Clover 10:35
  6. Heartbreaker 5:42
  7. Blues On The Westside 6:17
  8. Waterfall 3:46
  9. Evol 8:45
  10. I Wonder Who 2:56
  11. Aguaturbia 2:22
Format CD
Genre Psychedelic
Status Backorder
Label Background

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