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adrian belew: live at the paradise theater boston

  • Double CD of performances at the Paradise Theater on July 18, 1989
  • Originally broadcast on WBCN-FM in Boston
  • Featuring tracks from both Mr Music Head and King Crimson tunes

Whether in King Crimson, as a sideman to the stars, or in his solo and side projects, Adrian Belew coaxes an extraordinarily wide and wild range of sounds from his guitar. Many are uncorked on this double CD of performances at the Paradise Theater on July 18, 1989, broadcast on WBCN-FM in Boston. Most of the songs from his just-released Mr. Music Head are featured, along with a few King Crimson tunes and an encore cover of Roy Orbison’s “Oh, Pretty Woman.”

Track Listing:


  1. Hot Zoo
  2. Three of a Perfect Pair
  3. Intros
  4. Bad Days
  5. Coconuts
  6. One of Those Days
  7. Bird in a Box
  8. 1967
  9. Oh Daddy
  10. Heartbeat


  1. House of Cards
  2. Bumpity Bump
  3. Motor Bungalow
  4. The Rail Song
  5. Superboy
  6. Elephant Talk
  7. Encore Break
  8. First encore:

  9. Guitar Sounds
  10. Big Electric Cat
  11. Encore break
  12. Second encore:

  13. Oh, Pretty Woman
  14. Radio Outro
Format 2  CD
Genre Rock / Pop
Status Backorder
Label Air Cuts

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