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d.r. hooker: the truth



This is one of the rarest US psych albums. It was recorded in 1972 in Connecticut. It might very well be THE ultimate North American acid rock album ever. No hype here, just incredible talented music. Everything is absolute perfection, the wailing fuzz guitar, the psychy arrangements, his awesome voice, layers of instruments and well crafted songs.

Track Listing:

  • The Sea
  • Fall In Love
  • A Stranger's Smile
  • Weather Girl
  • This Thing
  • Forge Your Own Chains
  • I'm Leaving You
  • The Truth
  • The Bible
  • Falling Asleep
  • Bonus Tracks

  • Hello
  • This Moment
  • Free
  • Winter
  • A Tormented Heart
  • Kamala
Format CD
Genre Psychedelic
Status Preorder
Label Other

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