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49th parallel: singles

  • First vinyl release since their initial pressings back in 1966-68!
  • LP limited to 500 copies
  • One of the top Canadian rock bands of the psychedelic era
  • Comes with color insert with band history and photos

All of 49th Parallel's singles and b-sides + rare alternates, on vinyl for the first time since their initial pressings back in 1966-68!

The band�s first single, �All Your Love�, was recorded in 1966 as the Shades of Blond; it was previously only available on a staggeringly rare EP featuring Calgary bands.

Their debut as 49th Parallel came in mid-1967 with �Laborer�/�You Do Things� in mid 1967, and

�She Says� b/w �Citizen Freak in early 1968: hard-edged garage punk, tough, and thick with fuzz guitar and a defiant sneer.

The next single, �Blue Bonnie Blue� b/w �Missouri� appeared in late spring of 1968.

In the spring of 1969, the beautiful �Twilight Woman� b/w �Close the Barn Door� zoomed up the charts across Canada and parts of the USA.

Both �Twilight Woman� and the hit follow-up, �Now That I'm A Man� b/w (Come On Little Child &) Talk To Me are melodic pop/psych of the purest kind. Fifteen tracks all told on this, the ultimate 49th Parallel vinyl collection.

Track Listing:

  • Laborer
  • You Do Things
  • She Says
  • Citizen Freak
  • Blue Bonnie Blue
  • Missouri (single mix)
  • Twilight Woman
  • Close The Barn Door
  • Now That I'm A Man
  • (Come On Little Child &) Talk To Me
  • Up To No Good
  • I Need You
  • Good Time Baby
  • Blue Bonnie Blue (alternate single mix)
Format LP
Genre Psychedelic
Status In stock
Label Lion

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