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10cc: sheet music


Many bands expend so much imagination and energy on their first album that the limits to their talents become all too apparent when it comes to fashioning a follow-up. Not 10CC, whose June 1974 release ‘Sheet Music’ put them on the musical map with a vengeance. Like its predecessor, ‘10CC’, it contained a selection of snappy singles, including the top ten hit ‘Wall Street Shuffle’. If you ask any fan today to nominate a favourite track or album that sums up the 10CC phenomenon, their answer will simply be: ‘Listen to “Sheet Music”…’


1. The Wall Street Shuffle
2. The Worst Band In The World
3. Hotel
4. Old Wild Men
5. Clockwork Creep


1. Silly Love
2. Somewhere In Hollywood
3. Baron Samedi
4. The Sacro-Iliac
5. Oh Effendi

Format LP
Genre Rock / Pop
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