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abacus: archives 1 news from the 80ies


feat.  Chris Williams – Mastermind of british psychedelic prog band  “Grail” !

When I got a demo by our former singer Chris Williams from Birmingham by the end of the 90ies, I was really astonished reading the track list. All titles had been recordered on former Abacus and Grail Lps quite a long time ago. At that time Abacus had changed its musical style from Kraut Rock into Progressive Rock. So I did not really show any interest in that old stuff . In his letter Chris asked me to finish the songs by playing additional instruments to it because he and former Grail musician Chris Barret had recordered the demo by having used some real poor instrumentation and their voices.

Today I can`t really remember if I ever listened to the songs at that time and the demo vanished into any of the drawers of the Abacus-Studio. There it fell into the Sleeping Beauty`s sleep for a couple of years. When I got the information on Chris William`s death I remembered that there was some musical reminiscence which I finally found when the studio was renewed. I really felt the pricks of conscience not having done the favour to Chris, when I listened to the completely new interpretation of old Abacus and Grail songs. So I started working on the material in 2012 and it really turned out to be

a night mare. There was no sync track and everything like drums, keyboards, guitars,

brass and vocals had to be done in a troublesome handmade way which took several months of hard work. Finally I`m very happy to present half of the songs I got to our old and new Abacus fans. I´m sure there will be a continuation and I`m really looking forward to it working on the remaining songs.

Chris will like it.

Hamm in November 2013

Jürgen Wimpelberg


1. Anyway We Can 3:24


2. Dream Pipe 4:18


3. Song For John And Yoko 2:09


4. Here We Go 3:45


5. Don’t Worry 2:41


6. Paranoia Agency 4:23


7. Grail 3:48


8. When One Day 3:19


9. I Lost A Friend 3:29


Format LP
Genre Progressive
Status In stock
Label GreenTree,Walhalla etc

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