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artie shaw: both feet in the groove



Artwork by ANDY WARHOL 1956

Born in New York City in 1910 and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, Artie Shaw worked for several years as a saxophonist and clarinetist in name bands, and as a free-lance studio musician in Manhattan radio and recording work, before his career as a bandleader began, almost by accident, in 1935. In the spring of 1937 Artie started a new band with the regular saxes-brass-rhythm instrumentation. This was the band that catapulted him to fame a year later when he recorded Begin the Beguine. Some of the numbers in this album go back to that era; in fact one tune, Comin’ On, was recorded on the same day at the same session as the historic Beguine-July 24, 1938. This Shaw panorama should convince you that, in truth, Artie Shaw at all times has had both feet in the groove.

Side A:
1. One Foot In The Groove 2. Rockin’ Chair 3. Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali) 4. Solid Sam 5. Just Kiddin’ Around 6. Octoroon

Side B:
1. Prosschai 2. What Is This Thing Called Love? 3. Lady Day 4. Little Jazz 5. Comin’ On 6. One Night Stand

Format LP
Genre Jazz
Status Preorder
Label Doxy Records

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