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creation: this is creation - studio live in direct-to-disc recording

Led by Japanese guitar-hero Kazuo Takeda, Creation (initially called Blues Creation) was instrumental in opening up Japan to the new sounds pouring in from the West. After doing time (circa 1972) on the London music scene—where he befriended Mountain’s Felix Pappalardi—Takeda returned home to work on his own music. Over the next few years Takeda’s Creation became one of the hottest bands in Tokyo, releasing several successful LPs for EMI-Japan, including 1976’s Creation with Felix Pappalardi recorded in the US, and this long out-of-print “direct-to-disc” album, recorded in October 1978. Takeda apparently got the idea of recording directly to disc while hanging out in the US, the idea being that it would create a more intimate sound (by eliminating the loss of sound quality inherent in any transfer to magnetic tape). However, it also meant that there could be no overdubs or multi-tracking—essentially making This Is Creation (featuring Katsutoshi Morizono of Prism on rhythm guitar) a live album.
Track list – SIDE A: 1. New Way New Day 2. Johanna 3. Street Scene SIDE B: 1. Rising Sun 2. Lying Cheating 3. New York Woman Serenade
Format LP
Genre Progressive
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Label Klimt

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