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13th floor elevators: psychedelic sounds of


Enhanced re-issue of the seminal debut album, recorded for International Artists, from the pioneering psychedelic rock group featuring ten bonus tracks.


This 2 disc edition of the band’s debut features the original mono version plus the original 1966 stereo mix in band’s intended running order. The latter is different to the alternative stereo version used on Sign of the Three Eyed Men. The set also includes five unreleased mixes which are the producer/engineer Bob Sullivan’s original stereo studio mixes."

The recordings were remastered and remixed from the original tapes in 2007 by the original producer Walt Andrus and presented in a luxury digibook limited edition of 5,000 copies with a detailed 16 page booklet written by band expert Paul Drummond"

Laying claim to being the first psychedelic rock album and certainly the first to use the term in a title, the intensity of this classic debut album has rarely been matched. The influence it has had over the years upon everyone from The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and The Stooges through to The Spacemen Three, Julian Cope and so many of today’s young hopefuls, is testament to its magnificence. "

Now available as SNAX616CD, a lavish digi-book 2-CD expanded limited edition featuring both the original mono version and a stereo edition with alternative takes and mixes. "

Disc 1 - Original Mono Album "

  1. You’re Gonna Miss Me"
  2. Roller Coaster"
  3. Splash 1"
  4. Reverberation"
  5. Don’t Fall Down"
  6. Fire Engine"
  7. Thru The Rhythm"
  8. You Don’t Know ( How Young You Are)"
  9. Kingdom Of Heaven (Is Within You)"
  10. Monkey Island"
  11. Tried To Hide"


Disc 2 - Original 1966 Stereo mix (remastered) "

  1. You Don’t Know (How Young You Are)"
  2. Through The Rhythm"
  3. Monkey Island"
  4. Roller Coaster"
  5. Fire Engine"
  6. Reverberation"
  7. Tried To Hide"
  8. You’re Gonna Miss Me"
  9. Splash 1"
  10. Don’t Fall Down"
  11. Kingdom Of Heaven (Is Within You)
  12. Fire Engine"
  13. Monkey Island"
  14. Roller Coaster"
  15. Thru The Rhythm"
  16. Tried To Hide"
Format 2  CD
Genre Psychedelic
Status Backorder
Label Charly

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