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3 pieces: vibes of thruth


"Vibes Of Truth" is a masterpiece that covers all the bases: from soul through funk to jazz. It's been sought-after by collectors for the three club friendly tunes within its grooves: Backed Up Against The Wall', Concrete Jungle' and Need You Girl'. The album was brought to Fantasy by Donald Byrd who was enjoying great success with his his productions for the Blackbyrds for them and his own jazz fusion albums on Blue Note. The Blackbyrds were former students of his from the ethnomusicology course he taught at Washington's Howard University just as was Lincoln Ross, the multi-instrumentalist leader of the 3 Pieces. Although the 3 Pieces failed to repeat the success of the Blackbyrds they created an amazing album."

Format CD
Genre Blues, Soul, Funk
Status Backorder
Label Ace

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