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3 hur-el: hur-el arsivi

  • from the mastertapes
  • insert with liner notes and pictures

Onur, Haldun and Feridun Hurel, 3 brothers playing together in the late 60s early 70s, released two great albums.

This is their second album, which was released in 1976. With a more Western feel than the first one, it is considered to be one of the top Turkish psychedelic LPs ever recorded.

Track Listing

  • A1 Kol Basti
  • A2 Hoptirinom
  • A3 Mutluluk Bizim Olsun
  • A4 Canim Kurban
  • A5 G�n�l Sabreyle Sabreyle
  • A6 K�c�k Yaramaz
  • B1 Aglarsa Anam Aglar
  • B2 �m�r Biter Yol Bitmez
  • B3 Sevenler Aglarmis
  • B4 Yara
  • B5 D�ner D�nya
  • B6 Agit
Format LP
Genre Folk
Status Backorder
Label Guerssen

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